Day 1 - East Bali
  Embarkation in Benoa, Bali around 09:00. Departure for Padangbai, East Bali. After lunch you can join an excursion to the traditional Bali Aga village of Tengganan. See beautiful rice terraces and panoramas. Of course you can also stay aboard and explore the fine reef near the boat. You will be served a special welcome dinner at sunset when the ship sets sail accross the Wallace Line for Lombok.
    Day 2 - West Lombok
  Arrival at Lombok island. A tour by bus through western Lombok to a traditional Sasak village, a traditional weaving village and a market to buy some local handicrafts. Lunch by the side of a natural pool where you can take a refreshing dive as well. During a special candle light dinner under stars the boat sails to Satonda island.
    Day 3 - Satonda island
  Arrival at Satonda island. See the mysterious crater lake and relax on the white sandy beach. The coral garden here is teeming with colorful fish. In the early afternoon departure for Komodo National Park.
    Day 4 - Komodo
  The highlight of this trip to the Lesser Sunda Islands may well be our visit to Komodo National Park. Early morning hike to watch the infamous Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. Two rangers will guide us to see these feared predators that can reach a length of more than three meters and can weigh up to 150kg. Over lunch we will sail to one of the beautiful surrounding islands where you can explore the rich reef or bask in the sun. At night the crew will prepare a BBQ at the beach. Late night departure for Bima.
    Day 5 - Bima
  From the bustling capital of East Sumbawa, Bima, you can join a full day trip to the local colorful market, the old sultan palace (now a museum) and a traditional weaving village. Witness the daily activities of traditional Sumbawanese village life. At night sailing to west Sumbawa.
    Day 6 - East Lombok
  Arrival in Kayangan, East Lombok. Today you can join a full day tour to a traditional pottery village and a picturesque village uphill where the locals will perform some traditional dances. In the late afternoon the Ombak Putih heads for Soutwest Lombok.
    Day 7 - Gili Nanggu & Bali
  In the morning a last stop at a small island, off the south west coast of Lombok. A last morning in paradise‚Ķ At noon the Ombak Putih will set sail to Bali. Arrival in Benoa at around 17.00. Disembarkation.
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